How it works

You're already sharing your favorite places. It's time to get something for it and divy up!


Life is full of amazing experiences. To capture them, make sure you're inside or super close to your favorite Divy place. If the camera icon is green, you're good to go!


There is always something new on Divy but how you share is up to you. Type in a quick message, add social tags, add an adlay and choose where to post. The more ways you choose, the more points you get, but remember, rewards can only be collected once every 20 hours. We offer a variety of adlays for you to choose from. Place your favorite on an image to create your own, unique ad.


To put it simply, the more you share your experiences the more rewards you earn. Yeah, we like that part too.

Download it.

Youʼre going to share it anyways so you might as well get rewarded for it!